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funflector pededestrian reflectors are made in the USA

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Check out our YouTube channel!

Did you know that...
...7 out of 10
fatal pedestrian accidents
occur when it is dark?

Wear our pedestrian reflectors on
jackets, backpacks, bags, purses, strollers, wheelchairs, dog collars ...

... to increase your visibilty
to up to 400 ft!

Show the world who you are
and drivers where you are!

The funflector® tags are powered by
3M™ reflective material to keep you
visible in traffic at night.

Personalize bags and jackets with your favorite
and be safer in the dark.

Who are you?
What's your passion and what's your favorite color? Choose from our designs and use the ball chain to attach the tags to zipper pulls on jackets, backpacks, bags, strollers and much more.

There is often something new in our
wide selection of reflector designs.
  Click on the
pictures to see
the latest ones!

How safe are you?
How often do you walk
your dog in the dark?
How often do your tweens or teens
cross busy roads when they shouldn't?
How often do you end up
running errands after dark?
Think November-December!
How often do your grade school kids
play where cars drive?

Give your loved ones safety reflectors
and yourself some peace of mind!

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